Nautical Lane Project
This property had been on the market for over a year. When the homeowner changed realtors, Arrange the Change was contacted to get the home “market ready”. After the efforts of Arrange the Change, the home went under contract within three weeks and with multiple offers!

The living room was the first room as you entered the home. To create a more welcoming impression, Arrange the Change first decluttered the room, then added furniture and accessories.

By updating the bedding and accessories in this spare bedroom, a visitor could feel a warm welcome.

In this bedroom, Arrange the Change removed one of the beds, rearranged the remaining furniture, painted, and updated with accessories and new bedding.

Arrange the Change removed furniture and changed the outdated bedding, window treatments and accessories to give this bedroom the updated look it needed.

The master bedroom was decluttered, while new bedding and accessories helped to give the room an updated coastal style.

To continue with the coastal-style theme, the master bath was also painted a coastal blue. By updating the bath with new linens and accessories, it created a “spa-like” feel.


Breezy Creek Court Project


West Mallard Project
The beautiful screened-in porch needed attention. What an enjoyable setting after Arrange the Change painted and customized the porch.

Paint on the front steps was chipped and peeling; stain was faded and chipped. Arrange the Change repainted the risers and stained the treads a fresher color. The door and trim were painted a contrasting for impact. “First impressions matter most!”


Carley E Project
This property (over $1 million) had been a rental property prior to the homeowner placing it on the market. The property was dormant for over a year when Arrange the Change received a call from the realtor. The homeowner wasn’t open to painting, but provided a budget for updating furniture and accessories. After Arrange the Change, the home went under contract within 90 days. 

Just by adding bright blue curtains to the existing window treatments, upgrading the lamp, and opting for more dramatic bedding ensembles, a world of color was added to this bedroom.


Dustin Avenue Project
This home had been on the market three months prior to Arrange the Change getting the call. The living room was decluttered, the television was removed and replaced with framed art to highlight the fireplace, new wall décor and accessories were added. The room was painted a neutral beige, instead of yellow, which softened the room and created a cozy living area.

The formal dining room was to the right of the front door, where first impressions matter. The bright tangerine paint was toned down to a neutral color, the hutch was decluttered and staged, and the furniture was rearranged.


Riverside Project
This was an amazing makeover project. The home was visually outdated with no curb appeal. Arrange the Change pressure washed the outside of the home, cleaned the roof and gutters, installed shutters, repainted the siding with a neutral color, and repainted the trim to make the home “POP.” Existing landscaping was removed and new shrubs and bushes were planted to create an attractive “curb appeal” for the home.

Several window sills that were rotten and falling apart were replaced.

Back deck walkway was pressure washed and shed was painted to match the home.


Lorelei Project
Lorelei project was a combination of repainting rooms, installing new carpet in the living room, changing layout of furniture and redesigning. Arrange the Change was able to use several pieces of existing furniture, in addition to new furnishings and accessories.

Fireplace wall was painted a different color to accent the focal point in this room. Living room color was changed from yellow to a soft beige.


Harpoon Project
Sometimes potential buyers have a difficult time envisioning furniture placement in a vacant home, especially one with a unique floor plan. Arrange the Change staged this property with furniture and accessories to help the potential buyer imagine the possibilities.


South Point Project
This 1984 era fireplace was refaced with Ledgestone and tile. The original bricks on the inside were not replaced – only cleaned, as the owner wanted to create a nostalgic-feel.


Pintail Project
This property was listed on the market for the third time when the realtor contacted Arrange the Change to create a “market ready” home.

The living room was decluttered and furniture rearranged to offer full waterfront visibility and good conversation flow.

The sunroom was painted a beautiful blue creating a relaxing atmosphere. Furniture was rearranged for a full waterfront view.

The fireplace in the sunroom received a fresh look by repainting the inside.


Candytuft Project
First impressions are lasting.

The front porch and railing were pressure washed.

The back deck had warped boards, rusted hinges and latches.  All were replaced prior to deck being pressure washed.